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Short Term Residential Program - Haywood Pathways Center

Residents of Pathways are addressed in a holistic and individual manner, recognizing that the road to recovery is rarely a clear-cut path. The overall goal is to provide a safe and sober environment that eliminates the concerns for the basic needs, and allows a shift in focus to that of breaking the cycles of addiction and homelessness.

Individuals interested in the Short Term Residential Program have a 3 day trial period to determine if they have the motivation and commitment to make a change in their life. During this time they will meet with a case manager to learn more about the program.

A person-centered plan is developed by an experienced case manager taking into consideration six areas of focus which include:

  • Income
  • Housing
  • Stabilization
  • Life Skills
  • Social Support
  • Spirituality

Some individuals only need a helping hand until they can find employment. They have the life skills and financial knowledge to make it on their own. But many who come to Haywood Pathways Center need more. An individual may have obtained employment, but he/ she does not have the life skills or financial knowledge to be successful without additional support, education, and/or resources. For this individual, the 6 month program offers the safety and security of a place to sleep and regular meals as they work toward the goal of permanent employment, housing and self-sufficiency.

Haywood Pathways Center believes each person is unique—and flexibility in our programs is a necessity to achieve success. We believe that all people are God’s people, and should be respected, supported and cared for as they work toward life transformation. A request for an extension in any of our programs is carefully considered on a case by case basis.