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Halfway House at Haywood Pathways Center in Haywood County

Recidivism, or relapse into criminal behavior, that results in rearrests, re-conviction and/or return to prison has long been a problem across the United States. Concern about recidivism rates in Haywood County was the initial reason for converting the old prison in Waynesville into the Haywood Pathways Center. The vision was for a place where recently released men and women could stay as they worked to make a life transformation. A place where they could receive support in a caring, non-judgmental environment, receive spiritual guidance and access to resources for mental health therapy, substance use treatment/recovery, education, job skills and employment.

Haywood Pathways Center has the capacity to accept 10 men and 10 women into the Halfway House Program. Paroled individuals may be required to reside in the center dorms, however, the program is also offered to individuals being released from prison with no place to go who want to make a life transformation. Individuals in the program are not segregated, but reside with the other guests in dorms at the center.